Defending our jobs, protecting your public services

Four TV ads by public service workers in Newfoundland and Labrador hit the airwaves this summer, on radio stations across the province. CUPE’s public services workers launched the ads to voice their concerns about the Ball Government’s failure to protect good jobs, as well as the impact on our economy and our public services.

CUPE believes the Ball Government should recognize the public sector as a driver of economic growth. There are steps the Province can take in the collective bargaining process – and in the next budget – that put people first, protect the public services we need, create good jobs and a stronger economy.

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Stephenville Rally to Defend Public Health Care

Help us tell the Ball Government to keep our health care facilities out of the hands of private interests!

Meet our 15-foot tall Trojan Horse and hear from guest speakers including Wayne Lucas, CUPE NL president.

Lucas Lane (next to the Bay St. George Long Term Care Centre), Stephenville Crossing at 4 P.M.

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Send your MHA a message: Stop P3 deals before you saddle us with more debt

The P3 deals that the Ball Government wants to use to build Corner Brook health care facilities are a Trojan Horse that will allow the quality of our public health care to be influenced by private interests and profit margins.

Please urge the Ball Government to take the following action:

Make public the full details of the Corner Brook value-for-money report and business case – before final decisions are made and any contracts are signed.

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We are going to pay for these projects one way or another. We might as well build our health care facilities publicly.

Let’s own and control them ourselves, for the public interest and not for private profits.