Library workers slam EY report on library services

CUPE members are asking how a long overdue report and at great cost to taxpayers, fails to provide the one recommendation it was ostensibly commissioned to deliver – whether or not to close public libraries in 54 communities in Newfoundland and Labrador. There are no specific recommendations regarding the closures; rather, there are vague observations about establishing location parameters to decide which libraries should close or be amalgamated.

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Corner Brook town hall calls for new health facilities to stay public

Expensive P3 deals put pressure on health care budgets, and the impact on services is dramatic. Ontario P3 hospitals have been scaled back in size, beds and staff are being cut once facilities open, and multiple community hospitals are being closed and replaced with one central, privatized, hospital. You’re going to borrow the money either way. Why not borrow it the cheapest way, at the best interest rate?

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