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Petition: Stop Premier Furey’s plan to destroy our public services!


As frontline providers of public, we are worried about the damage that will be caused by Premier Furey’s plans to privatize services and sell-off provincial assets. With the premier’s plan, we’ll lose control of services, costs will rise, and quality will suffer.

Thousands of good jobs will be lost. At a time when the cost of living is soaring, we need to invest in public services, not make cuts. Public services make life more affordable and more equal for everyone.

Please go to the “Reject the Reset” campaign website now and send a letter to your MHA. Ask them to stop the government’s reset plan of privatizing services and selling off our assets – before it’s too late.


Watch the TV ad

Web banner showing a TV monitor with and image of a man and a woman standing on a pier in front of Qidi Vidi harbour in St. John's, NLThis week, CUPE Newfoundland and Labrador launched a TV ad campaign, speaking out about the damage that will be done if Premier Andrew Furey’s plan for the economy, known as the “Big Reset”, is allowed to continue.

The TV ad is now airing on NTV and will begin on CBC on June 27. A digital campaign is also being launched, asking the public to “Reject the Reset” and stop Premier Furey’s plan to destroy our public services. A message to the premier and MHA’s can be sent via the campaign website at