Nova Scotia’s Billion Dollar Trojan Horse

A cautionary tale for taxpayers in Newfoundland and Labrador

Imagine a giant wooden horse just rolled into Corner Brook (it did) and everyone is impressed with the incredible gift sent to the community from the Ball Government. People come from miles and miles to admire the beautiful gift, to be used to build much needed health care facilities.

This is essentially what happened in Nova Scotia when the Liberal government embarked upon public-private partnerships (P3s) twenty years ago to build and maintain 39 schools across the province.

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New radio ads: Defending our jobs and your public services

A new radio ad campaign by public service workers in Newfoundland and Labrador hit the airwaves today, on radio stations across the province. CUPE’s public services workers launched the ads to voice their concerns about the Ball Government’s failure to protect good jobs, as well as the impact on our economy and our public services.

CUPE believes the Ball Government should recognize the public sector as a driver of economic growth. There are steps the Province can take in the collective bargaining process – and in the next budget – that put people first, protect the public services we need, create good jobs and a stronger economy.

Listen to the radio ads