CUPE NL Call for Committee Members

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CUPE NL is looking for members to consider participating in the work of the Standing Committees with CUPE NL.   Below are brief descriptions of the Committees and attached is the Application Form.  Please submit the application no later than September 3, 2024.

Contracting Out and Privatization Committee

The Contracting Out and Privatization committee works in conjunction with our national committee to educate CUPE members in combatting contracting out and privatization in all its forms.

Global Justice Committee

The Global Justice Committee works to provide focus to CUPE’s global justice initiatives. The Committee works with provincial, national and international partners to help build a global movement to oppose corporate privatization, trade, deregulation, and increased threats to security, peace and human rights.

Human Rights Committee

The Human Rights Committee advises CUPE NL on issues related to women; workers of colour; Indigenous workers; people with disabilities; and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and transsexual (LGBTQ2+) members.

Occupational Health and Safety Committee

The Occupational Health and Safety Committee provides a leadership role by recommending measures, programs and campaigns that focus on prevention of occupational illnesses and accidents. They pursue opportunities to integrate occupational health and safety with the work of other committees and in all regions and sectors of CUPE.

Pensions Committee

To complete an application, click Standing Committee