Sherry Hillier, CUPE NL president

A message from Sherry Hillier on the announcement of COVID-19 outbreak

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Dear members:

Along with the rest of CUPE NL’s division executive, I share your concern and anxiety for your well-being, and your family, co-workers and community, in light of the COVID cases announced yesterday and today.

We are vigilantly watching the situation around the clock. Meetings have been taking place almost non-stop since yesterday’s announcement and your CUPE servicing reps are busy communicating with employers and locals to make sure you all remain safe at work.

It’s crucial that your employer takes the new restrictions announced by Dr. Fitzgerald seriously and makes certain that the workplace health and safety precautions needed to limit exposure are in place.

Many of you are essential frontline workers. We recognize that you have already been stressed to the maximum and I want to express my gratitude and respect for everything that you do. There are no adequate words to say how valuable you are.

We’ll have more to say about this new crisis in the near future and we’ll be sharing more information with you soon.

Stay safe and stay strong my friends.

In solidarity,