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Asking the right questions: A guide for municipalities considering P3s

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Cover page for the guide, Asking the right questions: A guide for municipalities considering P3s. Photo of road construction.This newly-updated second edition of Asking the right questions is co-authored by the late John Loxley and his son, researcher Salim Loxley.

The guide reviews the latest evidence and experiences from across Canada and around the world, taking a critical look at the case for and against using public-private partnerships (P3s) for municipal infrastructure. This online text is adapted from the print version of the guide.

Through a series of questions, the authors outline the problems that accompany infrastructure and service privatization, and highlight the value of keeping vital assets and services public.

Their analysis goes beyond the claims made by P3 promoters to examine the costs and consequences of privatizing community assets.

With ongoing financial and political pressure on municipalities to use P3s, including from the Canada Infrastructure Bank, this guide is a timely resource that answers key questions about financing and delivering infrastructure projects.

With this guide, municipal councillors and civic officials will be able to ask the right questions before considering entering into a P3.

The second edition of Asking the right questions was completed just before Dr. Loxley died unexpectedly on July 28, 2020. This guide is part of his legacy of a life dedicated to research and policy that advances social justice.

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