CAMIC encourages all CUPE members to mark Red Dress Day

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May 5th is Red Dress Day also known as the National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit People. The day serves to raise awareness and honour the memory of Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit people who have gone missing or have been murdered in Canada. The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit People crisis in Canada refers to the disproportionately high rates of violence, disappearance, and murder among Indigenous women, girls, and Two-Spirit people. The crisis has been ongoing for decades and is a direct result of systemic racism, colonialism, and gender-based violence.

The CUPE Atlantic Maritime Indigenous Council (CAMIC) encourages all CUPE members to use this day as an opportunity to either attend an awareness community event or to read the final report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls: Home Page  Final Report | MMIWG ( Taking time to educate ourselves can lead to a better understanding of the challenges faced by Indigenous people in Canada and across the globe, and help non-Indigenous individuals become more effective allies.   

People are also encouraged to wear a red dress, display red dresses in public spaces and workplaces, support local Indigenous artists that make Red Dress items such as earrings and pins, or simply wearing any red item that can bring awareness to the issue.

Join us in remembering and supporting Indigenous communities today and everyday.

For inquiries or questions, please email:

In Solidarity,
CAMIC members,
Brandice Blanchard, Vice-Chair for the CUPE Atlantic Maritime Indigenous Council

Download a copy of this letter: ENGLISH or FRANÇAIS

Ashley Clark, CUPE Prince Edward Island President
Stephen Drost, CUPE New Brunswick President
Nan McFadgen, CUPE Nova Scotia President
Sherry Hillier, CUPE Newfoundland Labrador President
Marc Surette, Local 1078
Jody MacDonald, Local 1122 Sonia Gibbs, Local 2745
Janice Melanson, Local 2079
Jason St-Onge, NBCNHUJill Greene, Local 2162
Tammy Devault, Local 1303
Cindy Lavoie, Local 889
Nicole LeBlanc, Local 833
Lorn Martin, Local 4882
Vicky Nadeau, Local 2872
Jinny Boulet, Local 2872
Sylvie Godbout, Local 3013
Sylvie Levesque, Local 3013
Annick LeBel, Local 889
Stéphane LeBlanc, Local 1159
Jennifer Barton, Local 3013
Mélanie M. Albert, Local 2872
Carole Martin, Local 2872
Chantal Lavoie, Local 4630
France Ruest, Local 4630
Natalie Poirier, Local 1159
Shirley Basque, Local 1078
Noreen Allain, Local 1078
Cassandra Ackerson, Local 1418
Jenny G. Thériault, Local 1418
Jackie Parish, Local 908.1
Tanya Murray, Local 908.1
Nicole Chiasson, Local 908.1
Réal Allain, Local 1078
Nicole Allain, Local 1078
Barbara MacNaughton, Local 1418
Guylaine Caron, Local 2745
Lisa Bell, Local 908.6
Sonny Levasseur, Local 2745
Terry Rodger, Local 1062
Manon Francoeur, Local 5108
Yvonne Morneault, Local 5108
Jacqueline Nieuwets-Lagendijk, Local 2745
Ginette Gauvin, Local 2745
Lisa Cameron, Local 2745
Hope Cyr, Local 5446
Marie-Line Côté Duguay, Local 2745
Christianne Robichaud, Local 2745
Shelley Veysey, Local 2745
Marilyn MacCormack, Local 2745
Jan Underhill, Local 2745
Rachel Chiasson, Local 833
Mélissa G. Drapeau, Local 2745
Sharon Teare, Local 2116
Tiffany Doucet, Local 506
Jamie Agnew, Local 963
Lisa Vincent, Local 963
Joanne Desrosiers, Local 1418
Annie Mallet, Local 1418
Jannick Laforest, Local 1418
Tasha Palmer, Local 1506
Stephen Boyd, Local 550
Andrew Mercuri, Local 1418
Laura Stewart, Local 4919
Tammy Gorton, Local 4940
Eileen Shea, Local 2094
Jess Haley, Local 1431
Janet MacDonald, Local 1082
Dawn Vardy, Local 1259
Tammy Jakeman, Local 5047
Edwina Donovan, Local 1082
Cecia Huang, Local 1870
Kathy Johnson, Local 5446
Crystal Pascon, Local 2464
Shawna Morton, Local 1418
Kim Davidson, Local 861