National Indigenous Peoples’ Day Greetings

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Did you know…

CUPE Atlantic/Maritime Indigenous Council (CAMIC) was formed in 2019. CAMIC is comprised of 8 self- identifying Indigenous CUPE members, 2 from each province.

CAMIC works across territorial lines to strengthen solidarity, build unity, educate, and bring awareness to CUPE members. We work with CUPE leaders, locals, and members to increase awareness about inclusion of territorial acknowledgements, important social justice campaigns, events, and dates such as Truth and Reconciliation Day. We are also working in collaboration with a local artist and CUPE member to create a CAMIC logo that will represent Indigenous culture in our region.

CAMIC is committed to reconciliation and creating cultural safety for future generations!

We encourage all locals to join us in celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day!

If you have any questions on how we can work with you, your local or your leaders, please send us an email at:


NL: Brandice Blanchard
NL: Todd Curtis
NS: Kim Loppie
NS: Denise Hubbard
PEI: Marie Doyle
PEI: Richard Rappe
NB: Mary Guptill
NB: Vacant

In Solidarity, CAMIC members

Brandice Blanchard

Vice-Chair for the CUPE Maritime Indigenous Council (CAMIC)