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CUPE member-mobilizer training workshops taking place May 12 to 19

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May 12 and 13 CUPE Area Office, St. John’s May 16 and 17 Greenwood Inn, Corner Brook May 18 and 19 Mount Peyton Hotel, Grand Falls-Windsor Premier Andrew Furey’s “Big Reset” report contains recommendations that cause for concern for all workers, both public and private sector. Privatization and the selloff of public assets will impact all CUPE members and their …

Analysis of Newfoundland and Labrador Budget 2022

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Things can change a lot in one year. Newfoundland and Labrador’s fiscal situation has improved significantly since May 2021. The doomsayers, who a year ago beat the drum of bankruptcy, were not very good predictors of the future. The deficit was less than half of what was predicted in the 2021-2022 budget ($826 million to $400 million). NL debt to …

Save the dates: Atlantic Weeklong School

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June 19 to 24 Atlantic Weeklong Electoral Campaign Think-tank White Point Beach Resort 75 White Point Beach Resort Road Hunts Point, NS B0T 1G0 Website: whitepoint.com Does the labour movement always need to be on the defence? Given that COVID makes our work more visible and appreciated, why can’t we make advances? Please join us to consider how we move from …

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New radio campaign from CUPE asks Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to “reject the reset”

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In a new radio ad campaign, CUPE is asking all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to reject Premier Andrew Furey’s “reset” plan, and to fight the proposed cuts to the public sector and public services, and the sale of publicly-owned assets. Listen to the radio ads below The ads are playing on radio stations across the province from March 24 to April …

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CUPE Education webinar: The fight for workers after the convoy

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Sponsored by CUPE Education in the Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Atlantic regions. The so-called “Freedom Convoy” occupied the streets of Ottawa for 23 days this winter. Spin-off protests and blockades have rocked cities and towns across the country. Who organized these protests and what are their goals? What does it mean for workers? And how can CUPE members respond? Three CUPE regions are coming together to co-host a webinar …

Myth Busters – Reject the Reset

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Busting the myths created by Premier Furey’s “big reset” to save the economy by privatizing public services, selling off assets, and cutting jobs. MYTH Deep cuts are necessary to pay down the debt. FACT Massive cuts are not needed. We can cover the deficit with well thought-out, phased-in revenue growth. Our government needs to drive economic growth by offering more …

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PERT report: Because you live here, you deserve less

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The authors of the PERT report are lying to the public.  NL’s structural deficit is an issue, but it’s an issue that can be addressed over the course of the next 10 years through modest annual revenue growth. The PERT has used unconventional accounting practices and non-standard measures to create public panic and justify radical measures that will leave Newfoundlanders and Labradorians with virtually no public infrastructure or services. Dame Greene’s approach has been debunked by 20 years of research. The …