Member Update: February 24, 2021

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Dear CUPE members:

Shortly after 5 pm today, CUPE received an email from Eastern School District (NLESD) CEO Tony Stack, who let us know that Eastern Health was sending out a news release related to schools and COVID-19 cases. The release contains a list of 22 schools and the number of students and staff that have tested positive since the outbreak announced two weeks ago.

There are approximately 185 students and/or staff associated with 22 schools, including 145 at Mount Pearl Senior High, who tested positive for COVID-19. The remaining 40 cases are distributed among schools listed below.

We have not yet seen the release from Eastern Health, but noted that media had obtained the information and were already sharing it via social media. A statement was also issued this evening by the English School District. You can read it at

Like many of you, we are disappointed that we had to learn about the number of positive cases and the names of the schools in this manner. We do not understand why this information was not released during any of the COVID updates given by the Premier and Public Health or sent to CUPE directly from Public Health.

Earlier this evening, we were also informed by the English School District that a memo from the Assistant Director of Schools, Avalon area, was sent out to principals and that the memo will be shared with staff and families.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your work supervisor.

We understand that the lack of information or the delays in receiving information from some of your employers has been the source of stress for many workers. Please rest assured that CUPE staff are working with employers to improve communications protocols and to ensure you have the information you need to do your jobs and to stay safe at work.

Stay safe and stay strong.

In solidarity,

Sherry Hillier
CUPE NL President

John Hall
CUPE Education Sector Coordinator



  • École des Grands-Vents
  • Beachy Cove Elementary
  • Elizabeth Park Elementary
  • Frank Roberts Junior High
  • Holy Family Elementary
  • Holy Heart of Mary High School
  • Holy Spirit High School
  • Juniper Ridge Intermediate
  • Mary Queen of the World
  • Mount Pearl Intermediate
  • Mount Pearl Senior High School
  • Newtown Elementary School
  • Octagon Pond Elementary
  • O’Donel High
  • Paradise Elementary
  • George’s Elementary
  • Matthew’s School
  • Topsail Elementary
  • Upper Gullies Elementary
  • Vanier Elementary
  • Villanova Junior High
  • Waterford Valley High