3M counterfeit mask lot B20020

Counterfeit N95 respirators: a message to CUPE members working in Acute Care

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3M counterfeit mask lot B20020

In a meeting held today with the Department of Health and Community Services, we were notified that regional health authorities in Newfoundland and Labrador recently discovered counterfeit N95 respirators in their inventory. Immediate steps were taken by the RHAs to remove the counterfeit masks and, at this time, only a small number are unaccounted for.

In addition to CUPE, representatives from all regional health authorities and other health care sector unions were in attendance.

It is not yet known if the missing counterfeit masks will be located or if they have been used, but the RHAs are investigating and will continue to update us on their progress.

The affected masks are a 3M 1860 particulate respirator with the lot  number B20020. If you have used or are aware of the location of any of these respirators, please inform your supervisor immediately. If a member has used one of the counterfeit masks, it may not have provided the expected level of protection to airborne respiratory hazards.

Occupational Health Services at each of the RHAs will be following up with workers on any potential exposures that may have resulted, and they will directly contact anyone affected.

In solidarity,

Sherry Hillier
CUPE NL President

Jenna Brookfield
CUPE National Health and Safety Representative