Message from Sherry Hillier: Let’s look out for each other

gmcneil COVID-19 Announcements

During these uncertain times we are thankful for the work of CUPE members that keep our public services available to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, even while more and more private sector workplaces close or delay operations.

Our Health Care members are on the front lines of the struggle to contain COVID-19 and protect the health of the public; we see your efforts and you have the gratitude of all of CUPE. Please know, we will continue to advocate for your protection while you are working to protect the rest of us.

To our members who staff our libraries, community services, public buildings and schools; you are the glue that binds this province together and keeping you safe and informed is our top priority. To our members in the municipal sector; the services you provide literally keep our communities running and your dedication to your work is worthy of celebration.

In the days and weeks to come we may see more serious steps taken by governments of all levels to ensure the public health of the people of this province. Please know that your union will continue to stand beside you and ensure your workplace health and safety is ensured while this risk evolves.

While we cannot forecast what tomorrow looks like, it seems certain to be more lonely than today. We implore you all to look out for one another and even when we must keep our distance, there is much we can do to keep one another safe and connected. Please reach out to isolated and vulnerable members of your community and do what you can to help. Today’s technology offers many ways to stay connected. We know that in the short term many people’s work and personal lives while be greatly changed by our efforts to protect the most vulnerable people in our society.

Thank you in advance for all we know you will do for one another. We are proud to represent you and will do our best to emulate your selfless example of working for the collective good. We live in an era of increased individualism, but the labour movement was built on the principal of collectivism; we are all stronger together. When the people of this great province pull together, there is no threat that can we cannot face.

Sherry Hillier
CUPE Newfoundland & Labrador