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New members

Your right to join a union is protected by law. Joining CUPE is as easy as following these steps:

Get in touch
Contact the CUPE office nearest you and you will be put in contact with a CUPE representative. The representative will tell you if you are eligible to join CUPE and answer all your questions about joining a union. Each province has its own laws concerning forming a union. The CUPE representative will explain these.

Sign a card
You will be asked to sign a union card - and to talk with your co-workers about joining CUPE. The cards are strictly confidential-only the provincial labour relations board sees them. Your employer never sees the cards or the list of people who have joined the union. It's a secret. That's the law.

Collect more cards
A majority of employees in a workplace must sign cards before the union can be formed. The exact number of employees needed to certify the existence of the union is set by labour board regulations in your province. Your CUPE representative will tell you about regulations in your province. With the help of people like you, your representative will collect signed cards.

Make your application
Once there are enough cards, your CUPE representative makes a formal application to the provincial labour board to be represented by CUPE. The labour board will review the application and either order a membership vote or certify the union automatically, depending on the province.

You're on your way!
Once the labour board issues a certificate of unionization (congratulations!) you will be able to form your CUPE local, elect your executive and bargaining committee, and start negotiations with your employer for a CUPE contract. The employer is legally bound to bargain with your union in good faith.

Joining CUPE is the best thing you can do to improve your job and the jobs of your co-workers.

Start improving your job now by getting in touch with CUPE today.

For more information about joining CUPE please contact:

St. John's Area office:  753-0732

Corner Brook Area office: 639-8947

Toll free in NL: 1-866-771-2873

CUPE National office: 1-877-850-CUPE (2873)


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