CUPE Newfoundland and Labrador

The Facts:

Central Health Employees - CUPE IS the Smart Choice

Choosing a Union that's progressive, pro-active and all-encompassing is what will see YOU through the hard times. CUPE is THe Smart Choice

Central Health Vote Set for March 23 to 27

Voting for Health Services employees with the Central Health Authority will take place between Monday, March 23 and Friday, March 27. Voting times and locations are posted in your workplace.

CUPE - Leading The Way To A Brighter Tomorrow

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Central Health Employees - Get Out To Vote

We urge you to make sure you excercise your democratic right to vote. After all, not voting means someone else gets to choose YOUR union for YOU....and we're sure YOU don't want that!

The Facts On Why CUPE Inked The Deal

You've heard the rumors. Click here for the facts.

"The Weaker Team" - How Absurd

This letter to the editor from CUPE President Wayne Lucas ran in the Telegram on March 5, 2009. Click to read it.